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Vintage 1990's Fashion T-Shirts by Maurice Malone on sale at: Opening Ceremony

90's Hip-Hop Fashion classic re-issued and on sale at:  Opening Ceremony   Decades before Williamsburg Garment Company, Maurice Malone was one of Hip Hop's young design talents that helped to launch a new genre of fashion designers and defined a new market in the early 1990's. Since deactivating his urban collection in 2001 to focus on his designer collection, fans all around the world have coveted his now classic creations. While living in New York in 1990, the designer told his partner and financial backer at the time, he wanted to create and market a new collection of baggy jeans that would go by the moniker "Maurice Malone Designs Blue Jeans For Your Ass." His partner refused, saying "it will never sell."...

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The Fashion Illuminati by XXL Magazine

From Hip Hop magazine XXL: Ten most powerful cats in the fashion industry secretly meet... The above photo is from XXL Magazines late 90's fashion designers article entilted: The Fashion Illuminati featuring from left to right: Willie Esco, Peter Paul Scott, Damond John, Russel Simons and Maurice Malone.  On the right hand page (not pictured) Andy Hilfiger, Tony Shellman, T-Bone, Erich Walker and Karl Kani. 

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90's Urban / Hip Hop fashion designers – The Source Magazine Feb 1999

A few (not all) of the guys regarded as Top Urban / Hip Hop fashion Designers posed for the February 1999 issue of The Source Magazine. From left to right: Willie Esco, Ralph Reynolds, Karl Kani, Maurice Malone. Tony Shellman, although he worked in marketing and was not a designer, he was the face of the brands he represented (Enyce & Mecca). 

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