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Raw Chronicles is a new series of short stories and tidbits from the life and career of Maurice Malone, told by the designer.

Work Wear of the World Unites: A New Revolution in Denim

90s hip hop fashion, Maurice Malone, in chain-fastened overalls, Ishmail Wali and Tony Shellman salesman for Walker Wear.

The first time I was covered by the New York Times, and maybe it was my first national news article, was published on September 14, 1993. It was written by the great Amy M. Spindler.  From my copies of the newspaper clippings, it was originally titled “Work Wear of the World Unites: A New Revolution in Denim.” However, I recently found it was archived at The New York Times under, “Brave New Jeans Warriors.”


 Origin: Made In The USA Chain Overalls

Made in USA label of vintage Maurice Malone denim overalls

Inspired by a recent Instagram post featuring the chain-overalls from @eat_gifu where in the series of carousel images I noticed the “made in USA” label. It made me recall that there were several manufactured versions of this vintage classic. There are imports, American made, small and mass productions. I can’t remember if the oldest version of the overalls were handmade by me, a sample maker or the first big factory I worked with, but I do remember the first mass production, made in the USA.