Terms of Pre-ordering

What is Pre-ordering

Pre-ordering allows us (MM Licensing Group, LLC. ) to place your requested size into production and guarantee your order will be first in-line, based on its order number to be shipped. No retail store order or order placed after your order will be shipped before your order.


If for any reason, your order is not shipped within 14 days of the estimated delivery date at the time of order, your deposit will be fully refundable. Request for refunds must be sent in writing (email) and prior to shipping. We will try to process refunds ASAP but allow up to 3 weeks after request. Refunds after items are shipped, follow our standard shipping terms.

Using discount code: PRE-ORDER-DEPOSIT-100

If you order using the code: PRE-ORDER-DEPOSIT-100, use of the code means you agree to all terms listed on this page and binds you to the terms. Please note the amount you pay/paid (not including shipping fees) is a DEPOSIT and is NOT PAYMENT IN FULL. The balance due before the item may be shipped to you is the original sale price $485 per item, minus the deposit amount paid per item.

Example: If you purchased 1 item at $485 per item using the discount code and was allowed to pay $100 per item plus shipping, you must pay the balance of $385 per item after you get a notice from us that the item is ready to ship. If you purchased 2 items at $485 per item using the discount code and paid a total of $200 ($100 per item) plus shipping, you must pay $770 after you get a notice from us that the item is ready to ship.

Prior to shipment, we will email you a request for payment and include a payment link from PayPal.Me/WilliamsburgGarment/ We reserve the right not to ship any item until full payment is received. Once your notice is sent for payment, you will have 2 weeks to pay the balance.  If after weeks have passed without us receiving the balance due, we reserve the right to return the item back to our inventory and offer it for sale. If we choose to do so, your deposit will be refunded, minus a $25 per item restocking fee.