Has any African American done denim longer?

Maurice Malone has been making and washing jeans since he was barely out of high school, nearly destroying his mother's washing machine at the start of his lifelong journey with denim. Check out our blog section to read more stories like this one. The farther back in time you go in the blog, the further back in time you go in his career.

Maurice Malone, hip-hop culture's first celebrated high-end fashion designer, takes us behind the scenes of his Spring 2004 runway show, advertising campaign, tradeshows, and collaboration with the brand's eyewear producer, Moja.

  • Nearly, "Fresh, Fly, Fabulous: Fifty Years of Hip Hop Style" Exhibition

    Read the most recent blog post to find out what happens when Maurice Malone takes his daughter to see his work at the F.I.T. museum's 50 Years of Hip Hop Fashion exhibition, which had nothing on display and made no mention of his contributions.

  • Was Maurice Malone x Ducati the first brand collaboration in streetwear?

    We return to the Spring 2000 season and one of the first collaborations between a luxury product and a streetwear brand, shot in Miami, for our Mojeans x Ducati advertising campaign.

  • Introducing Maurice Malone, America's New Generation Designer

    Back in the 1980s, one of the brand's first national advertisements ran in the January 1988 issue of Interview Magazine. During this time, Malone's small loft factory in Detroit was producing jeans, leather, and knits.