1997 CFDA Perry Ellis Award For Menswear Nominees

Maurice Malone, Sandy Dalal, and Marc Jacobs were nominated for the 1997 CFDA Perry Ellis Award for Menswear in the ceremony book. Malone was the first hip-hop/streetwear designer to achieve success in designer fashion.

Maurice Malone's nomination by The Council of Fashion Designers of America in 1997 marked a pivotal moment in the fashion industry's perception of urban streetwear and designers from the hip-hop scene. Prior to Malone's emergence, these designers were often overlooked and not taken seriously as real contributors to the fashion world. The CFDA's recognition of Malone shattered these preconceived notions. Their acknowledgment of his work and achievements highlighted a shift in perspective, revealing that streetwear could indeed hold a place in high-end fashion. Moreover, Malone's Aesthetics line, characterized by sharp tailoring and edgy glamour, seamlessly blended elements from black culture, making them desirable to a broader audience seeking urbane style. In essence, Malone challenged the conventional belief that fashion only trickled down and never up, proving that innovation and creativity could flow in any direction within the fashion industry. The CFDA's endorsement of his work underscored the significance of his contributions to the evolving landscape of fashion.

The Council of Fashion Designers of America

"As the bigger forces in fashion try increasingly each day to imbue their lines with street credibility, it is refreshing to see someone do just the opposite. Maurice Malone, a young, cool upstart from Brooklyn, who began his career catering to the hipper of the hip-hop community —he even created logo-waistband briefs and boxers with a condom pocket-broke into fashion's mainstream with his Aesthetics line. He has adapted the sharp tailoring and edgy glamour-part restrained, part showy-that have long been woven into the fabric of black culture. In the process he's made the hallmarks desirable not just to a black constituency but to any man who craves the most urbane style."

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