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Denim Designer Maurice Malone's Love / Hate relationship with sewing

by Maurice Malone |

"In the days when I worked at my Havemeyer Street store, I handled denim so much, I found myself washing my hands every few hours, just so they wouldn’t permanently get a hint of indigo blue on them. Because sewing the denim shirts took so long, I now hate sewing anything that takes longer than 5 minutes. However, the shirts always end-up so beautifully done, I immediately want to make another!"

Maurice Malone sewing denim jeans in his Williamsburg Garment Company store

Handmade raw denim shirts and jeans are made and then autographed by denim designer Maurice Malone in limited units. The shirts can take several weeks to months, because of the limited time for sewing.

Handmade raw denim shirts sewn and signed by denim designer Maurice MaloneHandmade raw denim Williamsburg jeans autographed and made by designer Maurice Malone


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