Japan's Cool Trans Magazine Interviews Maurice Malone June 1996

Maurice Malone, a famous African-American fashion designer, wears his siguture baggy denim of the 1990s hip-hop era in a double-page spread interview with Japanese magazine Cool Trans, June 1996 issue.
In revisiting the rich tapestry of 1990s Japanese street fashion through the pages of the June 1996 Cool Trans magazine, where my influence was prominently featured, I was inspired to bring back a piece of that era. Amidst the styles showcased on a dedicated page was the black fleece crew shirt, a standout design that resonated with the essence of the time.

This rediscovery sparked a creative endeavor to reintroduce this iconic garment. I am pleased to announce the revival of the "Iconic 90s Blue Jeans For Your Ass Streetwear Logo Fleece Crew." This reimagined version retains the original’s simplicity and relaxed fit, embodying the spirit of my early 90s creations while seamlessly integrating into today's fashion narrative.

Maurice Malone's renowned streetwear logo fleece crew from the 90s is shown on the right, with the magazine's cover on the left, in Japan's Cool Trans magazine.
For those looking to own a piece of this revived classic, the shirt is now available under our shopping menu. It represents not just a nod to the past but a seamless blend of timeless design and contemporary appeal, a true testament to enduring style.

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