What's Happening Now: A Detroit Lion

In May 1994, Maurice Malone, the visionary denim and fashion designer, was featured in The Source magazine in a photo outside his renowned Detroit clothing store, The Hip Hop Shop. Queen Latifah graces the cover.

I first heard about Maurice Malone and his bold streetwear designs a couple of years ago from my girl Karen. She was filling me in on all she had seen at a menswear trade show and she couldn't stop talking about the young brother she met who designs "jeans for your ass," as it's stated on his signature label. Soon after, I was sent a small black and white catalog of his gear, complete with a type of mission statement expressing how he came into [Black] consciousness and what he hoped to gain [spiritually] through his clothing line. He had t-shirts with defiant message­­s – "Jesus was darker than me," "I'm tired of your lies and your pork" and "Fear Allah"-and some of the fattest rugged denim I had ever seen.


In the May 1994 issue of The Source magazine, Maurice Malone, celebrated denim and fashion designer, is featured in an article and photographed outside The Hip Hop Shop, his Detroit store. Showcasing his designs like denim chain overalls, Team Nubian, Da Fro's, Getto Dellers hockey jerseys, and baggy jean shorts, Malone epitomizes the era's fashion innovation. Queen Latifah, another icon of the time, graces the cover, highlighting a period rich with cultural influence.

Since that time, Malone has been hustling to get his wares out there. He recently built and opened his own retail store, The Hip-Hop Shop. It's been described as a hip-hop shrine complete with music, art and apparel. But that's not all. Malone has built a DJ's booth in the back with different DJs dropping by on weekends to mix while folks shop. In fact, Malone himself is known as DJ Soul Finger and is one of few underground hip-hop party promoters in the Detroit area. He is also planning to hold open mike sessions so that local MCs can come in and test their skills. Malone is truly a keeper of the culture. 

So next time you're in the Motor City, slide on over to Maurice Malone's Hip-Hop Shop at 15736 W. Seven Mile and soak in the vibe. If you can't make it to Detroit, call (646) 367-1946 for further information.

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