I just Rip Sh*t advertisement 1993-94

Raw Chronicles - Rip Sh*t 1993-94

After falling financially and getting back up. Moving from Detroit to New York and back to Detroit to free myself from a partner that kept telling me my ideas would never work. I started a new operation with new branding and new ideas. I was doing things the way I wanted to do them and "Blue Jeans For Your Ass" was my slogan. For inner-city youth, the time of buying jeans several sizes too big–just to get the right fit was over!

In this iconic urban streetwear advertisement, I appeared wearing, perhaps my most famous t-shirt ever. The ad itself also became a t-shirt print for styles that followed. For the image, I drew inspiration from the designer idols of my youth. Patrick Kelly and Jean-Paul Gaultier who were the first designers I saw appearing in their advertisements. I looked to become Hip Hop's bad boy of fashion. The ad appeared in The Source and Beat Down magazines.


Fashion designer Maurice Malone appears in his own advertisement - Rip Shit