Maurice Malone Commemorates 40 Years of Fashion Innovation with Year-Long Celebration and Collection Relaunch



New York, NY February 1, 2024 –Iconic fashion and denim designer Maurice Malone marks a milestone this year, celebrating the 40th anniversary of his trailblazing entrance into the fashion world. Since launching his first clothing company on February 15, 1984, Malone has been at the vanguard of fashion design, influencing urban style and denim craftsmanship. In honor of this remarkable journey, Malone and his team are orchestrating a series of exhibits and events across various cities, including his hometown of Detroit and the fashion capital of New York, throughout 2024.


The festivities will culminate in the relaunch of an exclusive Fall 2024 collection featuring modern reinterpretations of Malone's classic designs. This collection promises to blend the nostalgia of vintage aesthetics with contemporary fashion sensibilities, offering a sartorial feast for devotees of timeless style.


In preparation for this exciting year, the Maurice Malone website is undergoing extensive updates to serve as a comprehensive resource for researchers, journalists, and fans. Currently, 30% complete, the digital archive presents a rich chronology of Malone's impact on the fashion industry, with news stories and achievements from the past four decades.


The website's timeline feature, found beneath the home page video, offers an engaging visual journey through Malone's illustrious career. Additionally, the video itself pays homage to cultural icons like Jay-Z, Lauryn Hill, The Notorious B.I.G., Aaliyah, Tupac Shakur, and Master P, all of whom have donned Maurice Malone's designs, showcasing the designer's wide-reaching influence on music and popular culture.


As we approach Black History Month, Maurice Malone's legacy is especially poignant. His contributions to fashion not only reflect his personal triumphs but also stand as a beacon of inspiration and cultural expression within the African-American community and beyond. We encourage fashion bloggers, news outlets, and television programs to feature Maurice Malone in upcoming Black History Month articles and segments. His story is a testament to ingenuity, resilience, and the enduring impact of African-American creativity in fashion.


Celebrate with us as we honor a true fashion innovator. Maurice Malone's 40th anniversary is not just a look back at where fashion has been but a bold statement on where it's going.

About Maurice Malone:

African-American denim designer and brands owner Maurice Malone is the owner of Williamsburg Garment Company and the Maurice Malone brands. Williamsburg Garment Company is an American-made jeans maker, and the Maurice Malone streetwear brand.


Maurice Malone is a luminary in the fashion industry, known for his innovative approach to denim and urban style. As the owner of two fashion brands, Maurice Malone and Williamsburg Garment Company, he has cultivated a reputation for quality and craftsmanship. Over the past four decades, his accomplishments include:



  • Pioneering as the first African-American denim design expert and creator of a black-owned denim brand in the 1980s.
  • Emerging as one of the founding fathers of the urban streetwear movement during the 1990s.
  • Achieving status as a top-selling urban streetwear brand owner throughout the '90s, before shifting focus to his designer collection.
  • Playing a pivotal role in the introduction of urban brands to department stores.
  • In 1997, Maurice Malone made history as the first designer from hip-hop culture to be recognized in the luxury fashion arena, earning a CFDA nomination for New Menswear Designer of the Year. His groundbreaking achievement paved the way for hip-hop-influenced designers to gain serious acclaim in high fashion, setting a precedent that shapes the industry today.
  • Inventing revolutionary denim washing techniques in 2006, now adopted by factories worldwide.
  • Founding the globally recognized one-man denim brand, Williamsburg Garment Co., in 2011.
  • Made online alterations services as easy as product shopping in 2017, with an innovative approach that established Williamsburg Garment Co. as the U.S. leader, transforming how consumers tailor jeans.
  • Being honored as one of the Top Denim Designers in 2020's Rivet 50 by Sourcing Journal, a testament to his enduring influence in the denim industry.


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