The 2010s: Denim Defined

African-American denim designer and brands owner Maurice Malone is the owner of Williamsburg Garment Company and the Maurice Malone brands. Williamsburg Garment Company is an American-made jeans maker, and the Maurice Malone streetwear brand.

The decade of the 2010s was the decade when Maurice Malone asked himself, "Why make things difficult? Why don't I just do what I'm known for?

Through his new one-man brand, Williamsburg Garment Company (WGC), he carved up a new fan base away from streetwear, and denim lovers around the world have come to regard Malone as one of the top minds in denim. Most Williamsburg brand followers are unaware of his previous streetwear work, and his streetwear admirers are also unaware of his new brand, WGC.

2012 - WWD: Maurice Malone's Fresh New Start

Arnold J. Karr, interviews Maurice Malone about his new 1-man denim brand, Williamsburg Garment Co.


2012 - BK Mag.: The Steve Jobs of Denim?

The story of Malone's one-man operation and the Brooklyn Magazine article that coined him "The Steve Jobs of Denim."


2013 - WeAr Magazine: Denim Labels To Watch

Malone's acclaimed new denim brand, Williamsburg Garment Co. predicted as a "Denim Label To Watch."


2013 - Fastcompany: The Steve Jobs of Denim

Fastcompany interviews Maurice Malone in the Rise, Fall and Rise of the Steve Jobs of Denim.


2016 - The Iconic Malone BJFYA T-Shirt Returns

The legendary t-shirt, known for its daring design and cultural impact, makes a striking comeback.


2016 - Talking Fashion, History & Brands with Sway

Talking, fashion, history, and brands in this video interview with the Sway in the Morning show.


2016 - Opening Ceremony + Maurice Malone

Opening Ceremony worked with Maurice Malone to help produce the innovative dip jeans.


2018 - Designers of the hottest 90s brands assemble

Some of the 90s top urban streertwear designers and brand reps assemble to speak in Vegas.


2019 - Top 12 denim trends & brands at Tradeshow

Maurice Malone shibori jeans ranked in the Spin Off's Top 12 at Liberty Fairs tradeshow in Vegas.