A History of Advertisements

"Inspiration. I Design." Was a 1998 double-page spread advertisement by Maurice Malone, in which the designer shot a selfie of himself, as shown on the right page, and one of his Fall 1998 designs of a leather motorcycle jacket on the left page.

Discover the rich history behind the advertisements of Maurice Malone, a trailblazer in fashion, denim, streetwear, and hip-hop culture. Spanning from the 1980s to the 2000s, Malone's advertising campaigns masterfully weave narratives that showcase his profound impact on the industry. His approach to marketing merges a deep passion for design with a sharp artistic vision, bringing his creations to life and securing a lasting legacy in fashion.

Browse our extensive archive of Malone's advertisements, which stand as a testament to his creative genius in fashion design and advertising. With decades of iconic campaigns still being curated for display, we invite you to visit this page weekly. Each visit offers new stories and artwork, highlighting the innovative spirit of one of fashion's most influential figures.

1987 - Local News Paper Ads

Early print advertisements like this example started locally in Detroit's MetroTimes newspaper.


1987 - The First National Advertisement

The first national ad for the first brand, Hardwear by Maurice Malone, in the December 1987 Interview magazine.


1988 - Introducing Maurice Malone

Introducing Maurice Malone, America's New Generation Designer, was the second national ad.


1993 - I Just Rip Sh*t

One of Maurice Malone's most iconic advertisements and images. Read the "Blue Jeans for Your Ass," origin story.


1993 - Drizzaws For Your Bizzaws

Amidst the AIDS awareness of the 1990s, these underwear took a proactive stance on safe sex.


1994 - Once I was Abducted by Extraterrestrials...

A double-page spread was featured in the Feb. issue of Vibe magazine.


1998 - Inspiration? I Design.

Clicker in hand, this selfie and still-life campaign focused on product design. Read the backstory.


2000 - Mojeans Denim De Lux

The collaboration between Maurice Malone x Ducati was one of the early examples of brands joining forces


2004 - Giants in the Cities

The backstory about making the groundbreaking 2004 advertising campaign that featured colossal models towering over global cities.