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Maurice Malone new website

by Maurice Malone |  | 1 comment

Welcome to the new Maurice Malone website.

This is the 1st post for the blog area which will be updated weekly with things past and present related to designer Maurice Malone.

In the shopping area, you'll find products from Maurice's current brand Williamsburg Garment Company, with plans to remake classic Maurice Malone products from past collections.

Fans and friends are welcome to post comments.  


Comments (1)

  • Barbara on January 16, 2016

    Maurice Malone “YOU” are such an inspiration to me. I read your biography on you and learned about the many influences you had on hip hop fashion industry. One thing I can respect is that you never gave up on a vision of providing remarkeable products. That required your passion and skill for fashion. Being that you have a 20 year age difference, and you origins of begin a designer started in February of 1984, my birth month and year. I feel a strong connection with you. Not only as a designer in fashion, but hopefully one day as a mentor to me in fashion. Born and raised in Hartford, Connecticut. Experience as a retail hip hop clothing store owner at 21. And training in fashion design and merchandising from Howard University. I’ve seen the decline of big hip hop brand labels steadily decline during the recession. My hip hop children’s clothing store, I named Half on a Baby, in 2006 remain for five years,however did poorly because the market for brand name labels were no longer an interests to consumers. Today at age 31 I dream that one day my vision can be seen by the masses. Ive been doing research everyday from 6am in the morning. Learning the business, seeking the best manufacturers to produce my product with low minimums and in search for technical designers to create tech packs from CADs. Im ready to produce a females line of my own on how I saw and how I see hip hop today. My launch od streetwear is something I have a passion for. Very interested in meeting with you, I have so much more to gain from you. Please contact me by email at: b.edwards89@yahoo com my instagram is glamurstyle. This email does not have to be posted, can someone who manages this website ensure Mr. Maurice Malone recieves this message.

    Thank You

    Barbara Edwards
    103 Shultas Place
    Hartford, Connecticut 06114

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