7 Scholarships for Aspiring African American Denim Designers

7 Scholarships for Aspiring African American Denim Designers

For the second straight year, I will be giving away Online education scholarships during Black History Month. However, this year there will be seven awarded without age or income requirements.

Over the last days of Black History Month, seven talented African American denim designers will be offered a full Scholarship through Yellowbrick, to the Parsons x Complex Streetwear Essentials online certificate program. The scholarship will be awarded based on a brief personal essay, plus submission of any of the following:

  • Images or drawing samples of your work
  • A link to your portfolio or website

Select the apply button below when you are ready to make your submission. You will be taken to the Yellowbrick / Maurice Malone page to complete your submissions.

Button to apply for Streetwear Essentials scholarships for African American denim designers

Never Stop Pursuing Your Vision

For inspiration, check out the 3-minute story I told to denim design students at Parsons School of Design in October 2018. I explain how I came up with the brand name with the slogan Maurice Malone Designs Blue Jeans For Your Ass, during my first move to New York City in 1998.



I briefly explain how I was working with a partner who financed the short-lived brand called Label X by Maurice Malone before lack of support for my vision drove me home to Detroit to self-finance and fully pursue my ideas.

Fusing Hip Hop & Fashion Rebirthed My Design Career

The video ends by teasing the chain of events that lead to the growth of my clothing brand, financed by promoting hip hop parties and events, that gave birth to a golden era of hip hop in the city of Detroit.

My retail store The Hip Hop Shop became world-renowned for its Saturday afternoon rap battles and the Monday Night Hip Hop parties at the Shelter. Both were the inspirational backdrops to the film 8-Mile, and provided a home for Detroit area rap artists and produces Eminem, Slum Village, J-Dilla, members of D12, and others to hone their skills before becoming stars.

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