The Fashion Illuminati by XXL Magazine

XXL Magazine photographed Andy Hilfiger, Tony Shellman, T-Bone, Erich Walker, Karl Kani, Willie Esco, Peter Paul Scott, David John, Russell Simmons, and Maurice Malone for "The Fashion Illuminati" in the late 1990s.
The above photo is from XXL magazine in the late 1990's (exact date not yet confirmed) and features some of the decades' top fashion designers in hip-hop. The article titled The Fashion Illuminati features, from left to right: Andy Hilfiger, Tony Shellman, T-Bone, Erich Walker, Karl Kani, Willie Esco, Peter Paul Scott, Damond John, Russell Simmons, and Maurice Malone. 

Ten of the most powerful cats in the fashion industry secretly meet to decide the future. But you didn't hear that from us. 

Freddy hustled along Fifth Avenue, delivering, the letters just as he was instructed: no stopping for food, no honeys, no nonsense. And no reading. The last guy who had held his job had met a tragic end. At least that's what the newspapers had said when the guy was shown on BET wearing a Cross Colours jumpsuit with short pants. Freddy hoped he wouldn't screw this one up, although he was a curious courier. He decided to peek.

Just then, three Lincoln Town Cars came screeching around the corner of 31st and Fifth, and stopped inches from a freaked out Freddy. Five Suge Knight-lookin' cats jumped from the cars. A very, very brief scuffle ensued, and before he knew it, Freddy was wearing an 8-ball jacket and some guy was taking his picture next to a cardboard cutout of Young MC. "Page Six, motherfucker" one of them muttered, before they hopped back in their rides and sped off.

"Damn," Freddy said as he sat, assed out, on the curb.

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