A History of Advertisements

African American fashion designer Maurice Malone shoots selfie advertisements in the 90s.

Before the term selfie became popular, I was shooting most of my own advertising campaigns, some of which even featured me as the model. The above ad, as an example, is from our Fall 1998 campaign.

I took-up photography in both high school and during my short stint in college. I loved photography and use to film 8mm home-made sci-fi movies with stop-motion components that included claymation, animated drawings, and spaceships. After I saw the movie Star Wars as a teenager, I inspired to be a special-effects artist until falling into fashion design at age-19.

I'm still in the process of adding new images every so often. Below I list in chronological order, some of my advertisements over the years. I will not say they are my favorites or most memorable, although some are. They are just the images that I could find undamaged from my archives. Most are lost in the pages of magazines.

Jan. 1988 - Hardwear by Maurice Malone

January 1988 Interview Magazine fashion advertisement features young African American denim and fashion designer Maurice Malone with friend Jerome Mongo.


Maurice Malone 1993 hip-hop streetwear advertisement photographed by Tar

1993-94 - Rip Sh*t


1993-94 Rip Sh*t urban streetwear advertisement by fashion designer Maurice Malone


1994 - Once I Was Abducted By Extraterrestrials...

Denim designerMaurice Malone wears his brands overalls in 90s streetwear advertisement - Once I was abducted by extraterrestrials

Fall 1997 - Let The World Beware

Fall 1997 advertising for the designer brand Aesthetic by Maurice Malone  - Let the world beware

Fall 1997 - Simply The Best Jeans Money Can Buy

Simply the best jeans money can buy – Fall 1997 advertisement

Spring 1998 - Condom pocket underwear advertisement


90s underwear advertisement by fashion designer Maurice Malone features condom pocket underwear


Spring 1998 - The Illusion of what I perceive I turn into reality

The illusion I perceive I turn into reality - 1998 Maurice Malone fashion advertisement

Spring 2000 - Mojeans Denim DeLuxe

Mojeans denim de lux advertisement spring 2000 shot in Miami for Maurice Malone

2004 - Giants in the cities


Maurice Malone - Giants in the cities advertisements 2004


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