Revving Up Luxury with Maurice Malone's Iconic Mojeans x Ducati Collaboration

Mojeans 2000 advertisement features Ducati brand motorcycles

The Mojeans Denim De Lux Spring 2000 advertising campaign in Miami featured Ducati motorcycles

Mojeans Denim De Lux 2000 advertising campaign featuring a young couple embracing, showcasing the luxury lifestyle in Maurice Malone's Mojeans clothing. The advertisement for Maurice Malone x Ducati 2000 photographed by Kelley + Meyers and Styled by Ben Cook.


The Mojeans Denim DeLux Spring 2000 advertising campaign in Miami marked a significant moment in the world of streetwear, featuring both Ducati motorcycles and luxurious yacht settings. This campaign celebrated the launch of Maurice Malone's new Mojeans Denim de Lux collection and introduced the new Maurice Malone sunglasses collection, produced by Moja Eyewear.

This collaboration between Maurice Malone and Ducati was one of the early examples of well-known brands joining forces, a trend that's become commonplace today. The campaign was a bold statement, capturing the essence of urban youth indulging in luxury. It showcased a lifestyle where high fashion and high performance met, with Mojeans clothing epitomizing this blend of sophistication and street style.

Mojeans Denim De Lux 2000 advertising campaign featuring a woman in reversed outseam jeans and Mojeans tee by Maurice Malone, sitting on a yellow Ducati motorcycle. This ad is one of the first fashion branding collaborations.

In the 1990s, the idea of brand collaborations was still novel, but Maurice Malone saw the potential early on. Kelley + Meyers shot and Ben Cook styled the imagery for the 2000 Mojeans campaign, perfectly highlighting this vision. The backdrop of Miami, with its vibrant energy, complemented the dynamic and stylish nature of both Mojeans and Ducati.

At that time, Ducati motorcycles were not widely known in the black and urban communities. However, this campaign played a pivotal role in elevating Ducati to a coveted status within the hip-hop scene, symbolizing a fusion of cutting-edge fashion and luxury. The campaign also featured stunning yacht scenes, representing a successful young couple living a luxurious lifestyle.

Mojeans Denim De Lux 2000s advertising campaign featuring a young couple lounging on a yacht, both wearing Mojeans denim with hand-painted blue detailing and tank tops, embodying the luxury lifestyle in Maurice Malone's men's and women's streetwear clothing.

This was the first time Maurice Malone used the tagline "Denim de Lux," celebrating the launch of his new collection. The campaign's inclusion of the Maurice Malone sunglasses collection added another layer of luxury, emphasizing a complete lifestyle experience. Mojeans x Ducati set the stage for future brand collaborations, showcasing a luxurious lifestyle that resonated with the urban youth of the era.

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