Maurice Malone's Pioneering Black History Month Advertising with AT&T

For the 1999 Black History Month advertisement for AT&T, African-American fashion designer Maurice Malone is photographed.

The 1999 Black History Month advertising campaign by AT&T showcased the iconic African-American fashion designer Maurice Malone in an unforgettable light. Wearing his Mojeans brand's black leather jacket and sequined jeans, Malone stood as a paragon of sophistication with an urban twist. The ad's backdrop, a vivid red and white, featured the bold AT&T logo, echoing the campaign's message: "We've got a style all our own. No one can touch that."

African-American fashion designer Maurice Malone in Black History Month advertising for AT&T 1999

During this era, Malone's impact went beyond design; he was a defining figure in hip-hop and urban streetwear. The campaign, a highlight of Black History Month advertising, solidified Malone's legacy as a trailblazer in Jet's and Ebony magazines March 1999 editions.

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