DNR's Spring 2004 New York City Runway Show review

DNR's Spring 2004 New York City Runway Show review

As late as 2004, not all major news sources published its work online. We rescued this September 29, 2003, Daily News Record (DNR), Spring 2004 New York Fashion Week runway review of our show from printed paper so you can see what they were saying at the time.at the time.

Spring 2004 Runway Show review by Daily News Record (DNR), published September 29, 2003

Former urbanwear star Maurice Malone continued his transformation into a designer of sophisticated sportswear. The spring collection possessed high-octane sex appeal, which worked well in the dressier pieces and proved a bit much in the more denim-based corners of the collection. Slim, shiny, formalwear-inspired trousers with satin chevron were subtly sexy (except for their name: “Suck-It”), and were paired with sleek knit tops and double-vented jackets. On the casual end, much of the denim was shown with silly “Heidi’s Stud Farm” trucker hats, which could have been put to good use at the Rosa Cha show, where models donned itsy bitsy square-cut swimsuits in a panoply of colors and prints.

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