Inspiration. I Design. – The Backstory of the Fall 1998 Selfie Ad Campaign

"Inspiration. I Design." Was a 1998 double-page spread advertisement by Maurice Malone, in which the designer shot a selfie of himself, as shown on the right page, and one of his Fall 1998 designs of a leather motorcycle jacket on the left page.
Long before 'selfie' became a buzzword, I was already setting up my camera to capture my own advertising campaigns. This hands-on approach was fully embraced in our Fall 1998 campaign, "Inspiration. I Design."

This campaign was deeply personal and showcased a creative intersection of my interests in cinematography and fashion design. Each image was carefully crafted to not just display clothing but to narrate a story of design inspiration and execution. The campaign featured stark, visually striking backgrounds that made each garment pop—inviting viewers to not just see but feel the texture and detail.

The images attached here include a sleek leather jacket against a vibrant red backdrop, which asks the viewer, "Inspiration?" and another of myself, dressed in a textured black sweater, with the simple yet profound declaration, "I design." These photographs serve as visual metaphors for the creative process itself—starting from an inspired idea, moving through the design stages, and culminating in the realization of a tangible product.

By handling both the photography and the modeling, I was able to maintain a level of authenticity and control over the narrative, ensuring that every element from lighting to posture communicated the essence of Maurice Malone. This campaign wasn't just about showcasing clothing; it was an expression of artistic identity and a declaration of self-reliance in the creative world.

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