Maurice Malone Fall 2004 collection interview - Fashion Television

Designer Maurice Malone talks about his fall 2004 collection in an interview with Fashion Television

When I look at today's landscape of luxury and high-end designers, as well as the number of black designers from the streetwear and hip hop scenes who occupy seats, I am struck. It brings back memories of when hip-hop, streetwear, and urban were derogatory terms in designer fashion.

Breaking down barriers is hard work. When you're in the thick of it, it does not pay as well as going along to get along. However, the sore shoulders that come from all those who come to stand on them is a well-worth reward.

I have a lot of stories to tell. I’m working to share them soon.

Here, I reflect on a visit I took to Toronto, Canada, to record an episode of "Designer of the Week." I discussed my autumn 2004 collection with the Fashion Television team and described how it was based on the prior spring collection. I briefly explain how I'm connected to the film 8-Mile and discuss why I left the thriving urban streetwear business to work on designer collections.

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