African American denim designer Maurice Malone owner of Williamsburg Garment Company

Maurice Malone on the pandemic & responsibility in denim

Sourcing Journal by Liz Warren August 26, 2020

Maurice Malone, owner and designer, Williamsburg Garment Company, and Maurice Malone, say's COVID-19 created a new sales category. Adding mask production was a no-brainer for brands that could produce domestically, as imports could be seized. Small fabric scraps, unnecessary samples and styles could be cut up and repurposed as stylish masks.

The designer staff at Maurice Malone working to make logo mask

I have always thought that it is important to manufacture essential products here at home. I don’t think it’s smart for the U.S. manufacturers of technology, healthcare, or the military industries to be so reliant on outsourced supply chains, and COVID-19 has shown us that. I believe COVID-19 will make many companies look to diversify their supply chains.


Denim designer Maurice Malone working on custom made jeans in mask during COVID-19

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