Origin: Made In The USA Chain Overalls

@eat_gifu Instagram photo of vintage denim overalls by Maurice Malone
Label of vintage Maurice Malone denim overalls made in the USA Maurice Malone branding at the hip of jeans were a brand trademark in the early 90's

Inspired by a recent Instagram post featuring the chain-overalls from @eat_gifu in a series of carousel images I noticed the “made in USA” label. It made me recall that there were several manufactured versions of this vintage classic some of which were imports, American made, small and mass productions. I can’t remember if the oldest version of the overalls were handmade by me, a sample maker or the first big factory I worked with, but I do remember the first mass production, made in the USA.

@eat_gifu close-up of vintage chain-link denim overalls by Maurice Malone with circle logo

It’s possible the chain-link overalls could have been around as early as 1993, however, I know the made in the USA version came out about 1995. Shortly after I partnered with Simon Sales, Inc., I remember how we made the U.S. version like yesterday. Simon Akiva, the man who taught me a lot of what I know in this business, flew us out to Los Angeles where we stayed at a small hotel near the UCLA campus. I had waffles with strawberries for breakfast that morning.

Fashion designer Maurice Malone and 90s partner Simon Akiva at Butter restaurant nyc 2018

Later we drove over to see this guy who would be making our denim. I thought we were going to a factory, but it was what you can call an office – a few desks with jeans everywhere. I remember walking into this building, which had a nondescript concrete facing and a white door and interior. They had just started production of the white denim version of my Ferg Jeans. We threw new and current production styles on the floor and discussed the details of how to make or correct them.

I don’t remember that guy’s name, the company or address, but I know whenever I’m in Los Angeles and in the same area, I can feel it. Just by seeing the door of the building I would think to myself, that’s where I and Simon began making jeans.


RC 01 by Maurice Malone Jan. 19, 2019


  • Yohonn L. Mc Neal

    Is it possible to order the classic chain overalls? Would love to own a pair!

  • Troy Robinson

    I remember buying my first pair of Maurice Malone jeans in the 90’s

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