Posting. Behind the scenes: Denim’s coming back to the streets...

Black logo jeans by designer Maurice Malone walking on hot lava in Nike Air Jordan 1 high retro OG grey & crimson

A little behind the scenes about this image: while my family was out for vacation over the holiday, I turned the apartment into a mini-studio. I set-up lights, small boards in both black and white colors for light and dark background options, then watched about an hour worth of YouTube videos to sharpen my skills on shooting myself using a timer.

Earlier in the week, I bought the sneakers and fought hard not to wear them until I shot them. However, my biggest struggle by far was posing in size 32 jeans when I wear size 35, which I could barely pull over my calves.

I didn't have a remote to trigger the shot, so I had to wobble over to the camera and manually trigger the timer, then wobble back in time to pose. This is how I spent my Memorial Day.

During the week, I'd randomly edit down my favorite images. As the week progressed, I kept in mind; I thought the colors of hot lava would work great with the sneakers, although I left all options on the table.

This morning I woke up reflecting, I haven't posted on Instagram in about a week – I need to do something fast. I settled on black background images during the week, so I got to work editing down to five, then two final photos.  I went with the hot lava surface theme, then scanned through and tested how various images worked together and fit with the picture. Honestly, the image I preferred required an extra layer of editing, and I wanted to do something quickly, so I settled for the safe choice.

When creating, sometimes I visualize what I want and then build it. Other times I have a vague idea, and I let it develop itself.  This outcome was the latter. As I moved along, the imagery reminded me of a movie poster, and I went with it.

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