Vintage 1987 Maurice Malone clothing advertisement

80s fashion head shots of Detroit area models Jerome Mongo & Jennifer Packula in Maurice Malone clothing in 1987 advertisement

Here's a glance back at some of my pre-urban streetwear vintage 80s clothing.

This advertising was featured in the March 25, 1987, issue of the Mertotimes newspaper for the 1980s Birmingham, Michigan shop Changes. It stars my long-time pal Jerome Mongo and Jennifer Packula, who are both wearing knit tank tops and pants.

In 1987, Jerome Mongo, a male model, and female model Jennifer Packula, both wearing knit tank tops and pants by Detroit African-American fashion designer Maurice Malone, appeared in an advertisement for the 80s Birmingham, Michigan, retailer Changes. The ad was published in the March 25, 1987, issue of the Mertotimes newspaper.

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