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Denim Designer Maurice Malone teaches denim wash techniques in China factory

Maurice Malone at the Vigoss factory in China, explains to staff how to correctly make realistic whiskers on denim jeans. Denim Designer Maurice Malone   This video was created for, Maurice's Freelance Fashion and Denim Design Service in 2011. Head of denim design at Vigoss USA, Maurice worked up to six months out of the year at factories throughout China. Like fabric selection, one of the other clear ways to distinguish between good and bad jeans is the effort that goes into making the washes. Many of the factories and designers that make jeans don't understand the original purpose of sanding raw jeans during production was to emulate the look of aged jeans. Over time, hand sanding has wondered and become more of a decoration than an effect...

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IN THE 1990S, HIP-HOP STARS EVERYWHERE WORE MAURICE MALONE'S CLOTHES. BY 2001, HE WAS BROKE. BUT HIS NEW VENTURE IS SIMPLICITY ITSELF: QUALITY JEANS AT A REASONABLE PRICE. BY DAVID ZAX Maurice Malone walks into a café in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, his home and base of operations for nearly 20 years, looking suitably stylish. Soon, the man Brooklyn Magazine once called "the Steve Jobs of denim" is teaching a fashion-backward journalist about the joys of "raw denim," which Malone specializes in. In an age where jeans come pre-washed, pre-sanded, sometimes even pre-torn, raw denim is a return to purity. They’re for guys who "prefer to start with their own canvas, create their own artwork with the jeans," he explains. Each wrinkle,...

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